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Welcome to my blog!!!!!
 I am married and a mom to the cutest girl in the world.
I grew up wearing mostly clothes that my dad made.  I've been sewing boxers and skirts but only in straight lines.  I really pick up on sewing in March 2012 when my husband told me to make the Cinderella dress for my daughter's birthday because her costume from Halloween didn't fit any more.  That was my very first dress --- with NO experience...  I started sewing alot since.  I love to read sewing blogs and decided to created one to keep track of all my sewing.  Check out the clothes I made under "MADE BY ME" and "REFASHIONED". 
Other than sewing, I love to do crafts.  I've done scrapbooking, knitting, can crochet a few stitches, made candles, made soap, painted a few paintings...  A little bit of each but not really good at anything. 

I am sharing my sewing journey with you.  Please leave me your comments and ideas.  They are truly appreciated. 


Have a great day !!!

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