Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kayly's Hippie Flower Summer Top

This is the left over fabric from this shirt.  I actually made this for Kayly a few days after I made my shirt but never had the chance to post it.  This is the 2nd time Kayly is wearing this so I quickly took a few pictures.

The straps keep on falling off.

The other strap falls off =)

Finally a decent picture.

Daddy got her a My Little Pony toy.

Now she has 2.
Getting ready to go to grandma's house.

Next to her bike.  =)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Me Made May ' 13 Last Day

I know yesterday I said I will wear made by me clothes 4 times this week but the shirt that I was going to wear didn't turn out right.  If I can fix it tonight, I will wear it tomorrow.  =)

Tomorrow will be the last day of May.  So it's been a whole monday already...  It was a challenge for me with the MMM'13, but it's fun at the same time.  I made it through May, found enough things made by me to wear 2 times a week without repeating.  So proud of myself.

"Me Made May ' 13 made me..."

This is the phrase that I'm suppose to fill in to post with  my last photo. 

So here goes...

Me Made May '13 made me feel so proud of myself.  When wearing clothes I made to work, people asking me "Did you make that?" --- I answer with PRIDE "YES!" 
I also want to THANK the person who started the MMM challenge.  It helps me wear my clothes without feeling afraid of people going to make fun of me, or find the mistakes I made.  Also, want to THANK the people who left the comments on my photos, plus all the ones who added my photos as favorite.  Those really really make me happy.  I feel like "Oh, someone actually thinks my dress/shirt is nice."  And those comments encourage and motivate me to keep on sewing.  Just a group of nice people.

I will join MMM again in the future and hopefully will be able to wear 3 things a week without repeating. 

So this is what I wear to work today.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Me Made May ' 13 Day 9 & 10

Since it's the last week of May and I realized that I have more made by me clothes that I haven't worn for this challenge.  So I decided to wear them to work 4 days this week (Monday was Memorial day).

Wore this on Tuesday to work

Wore this to work today.

No photographer, I have to take my  own pictures =(
Got lots of compliments today wearing my purple dress to work.  Every one was like "WOW".  Makes me happy haha.
Somehow I feel so proud of myself.  I have 10 decent things to wear without repeating that I made for this Me Made May ' 13 challenge.
Thanks to the person who started this MMM thing.  Now I can wear clothes I made with pride. 
Every one at work recently keep on asking  me "Did you make that?", and I respond "Yeah!!!" with excitement  , instead of "Yeah? Is it ugly?" --- like I'm afraid it's ugly and they are going to make fun of me.
It's a different "YEAH" tone of voice.  Get it?  =)
Now I can wear clothes I made with confident.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Me Made May '13 Day 7 & 8

We went to Disneyland the whole week so the only time I can wear clothes Made by Me is Saturday and Sunday.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Me Made May Day 6

I think I'm going to take out the white bias at the neckline and will use the same fabric to bind it off.

Wearing this to work today...

Friday, May 10, 2013

Me Made May '13 May 10 Day 4

So, 4th day wearing clothes I made this month.

My daughter took the pictures so they are all blurry.  =)

She's only 4, will get better as she gets older LOL.

Kayly wants me to hold her heart pillow.  I made the pillow for her when she was just born, or maybe even before she was born.  Forgot...

This is Kayly's favorite pose.  She told me to do this so I will look pretty like her.  =)

And now it's her turn.  The nightgown she is wearing is from Grandma.  My mom made it for her yesterday.

Yup!  This is what she looks like when she wakes up --- messy  hair   =)