Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pillow Case to Kayly's Dress With Shirring

I was looking around on Burdastyle and found this dress .  I told my husband this is too cute and I can totally make this for Kayly.  So, here it is.  Not really cute like the dress I saw but... oh well.  Atleast I didn't use my pretty pillow case.  I learn to use the ugly fabric or the ones I don't care for to practice.  Kayly isn't too happy when I asked her to try this on and take some pictures.  She was busy watching her movie and didn't want to miss any part.  So, no smiles at all.

Go here for pictures

Cut up the pillow case

Use elastic thread

Draw the lines for shirring


Almost done

Added the straps and tada

She was upset

the back

I asked her to wear her Cinderella headband and she smiled for me haha =)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Size 10 Skirt To My New Skirt

I found this at a super cheap price.  Guess where I got it from?  ;)

I always love the kind of fabric that has embroidery in it.  I looked at my closet and I only have 1 white pair of jeans/capris.  That's it.  Only 1 white bottom.  So I went on a search to look for white clothes and this is what I found.  It's summer time now and AZ is HOT !!!!!!  So this is perfect.

It's size 10 and that's too big for me.  So I took it in from the back.  I guess no one will look too much at the back and won't notice it if I don't tell them.  =)

Oh, and today I realized that my husband isn't a very good photographer.  =)

Go here for pictures

Here's the close up of the fabric.

I took in total of 5 inches.

And ta-da !!!  It fits me.  I forgot to take a picture of the back.  When I wear it for real I will take more pictures. 

Still Sewing

We went cruising for 7 days so I didn't get any sewing done.  I'm still deciding if I should sew for my daughter more dresses or it's time to sew for me... 
I shortened 1 pair of pants for me, and took in the legs of the pants for my husband last night.  I'm going to list it here so I don't forget when I count how much sewing I did for this month.  The month is almost over and I haven't done much.  =(  Sad...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Men's button shirt to Kayly's dress

A co worker gave me his shirt because I told him it didn't look good on him.  Haha...  Believe me, I am honest and will tell if it's nice or ugly.  Actually, it wasn't this shirt that I told him it was ugly.  But he end up giving me 2 shirts, this one and the one that I called ugly.  It was so ugly that I don't think I will make a dress for Kayly with it.  It's just a sad color.

Am I mean ???

Maybe, but oh well.  This shirt came out OK, but why does Kayly look soooooo old in these pictures??????

Go here for pictures Go here for more pictures

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Don't want your clothes any more???

It doesn't hurt to ask right?


If you got clothes that you are tired of, don't want to wear them any more, have a hole, ripped, some stains ... please donate them to me.  I can turn them into something for my daughter.  =)  Wouldn't that be great?  Nothing go to waste.  I've been making dresses for my daughter with Goodwill stuff, and could make something from the clothing that you don't wear any more.

Does this sound crazy?  I guess it doesn't hurt to ask but ... .I don't think any one will spend the postage to send something to me that they rather go to Goodwill and dump it there.

Mending ~ Alterations

Since I said this blog is to keep track of all the sewing I do.... I forgot to post this.  No pictures for these because my husband doesn't want to take pictures.  =(

- hemmed up 3 pairs of dress pants for him
- made the legs of the pants skinnier than what they were before - 2 pairs
- took in the waistband of the pair of pants that I just bought, and made the legs more tapered

...  that's it, but I want to make sure I count those =)

Another dress from men's shirt

I did this in 1 hour from start to finish.  I'm getting good at it.  I mean this dress only.  Remember I made the blue one from the men's shirt?  So now she has 2.

Not sure why the pictures don't show up, but can be seen here

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kayly's Green Sundress (shirt to dress)

I always want to make a dress like this for Kayly and I finally did it.  I had to redo it 4 times.  It's knit and it stretched so much, so I had to redo the whole thing.  Then it was still too big, so I redid it again.  Then the straps were too long...  And now it's finally done.

I'm proud of myself because I have patience to take it apart 4 times hehe

The pictures are not coming up, but can be seen here

She can do 3 with her fingers =)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time to sew something for me

I've been sewing alot for my daughter... now it's time to sew for me.  =)
I need to make atleast 1 thing that I can wear.  I made a few things but they are practice stuff and not wearable.  So... I'm going to take some time to sew a dress for me.  Got lots of sheets at home with pretty colors  and prints.  hehe 

I started to make a sundress for my daughter from an told shirt, it came out sooooo big because it got scretched out (uuurrrggg knit).  After I fix that one, I'm going to sew for me.

I think my daughter got enough clothes for this summer. 

... I'm saying that so I don't feel bad.  hehe

I don't know how long it's going to take me until I get really good and can sew something decent hmm...

Maybe I just keep on sewing from now until Kayly is 16, that's going to be 13 years of sewing, then I can make a prom dress for her haha 

Men's shirt to Kayly's dress pictures

This was the earlier post.

So I got her wearing the dress but she wasn't in the "picture mood".  She should get used to taking pictures by now.  We only take about 100000 pictures a month haha.

The pictures are not showing up, but can be seen here

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another skirt to dress for Kayly

This was one of my skirts that I haven't worn in a longgggggggg time.  So, it's time to cut it up for Kayly. 

A coworker gave me the blue dress for my daughter I think 2 years ago.  It's a 5T and now my daughter can finally fit it.  So I decided to make one similar to that.  It was fun making it.  Took me total of 2 hours.

I need something for facing but couldn't find any knit at home, so I cut used Kayly's old pants, it was size 3T  LOL.  I'm not going to throw away another thing.  I might need it for facing some day.  =)

My friend gave me this one...

I have the other leg of the pants, maybe I can use that to make a bow so it shows on the dress. 

She's napping right now, when she gets up, I'll make her try it on and will post more pictures then. 

OK, just added the bow.  I used the fabric from the pants, it doesn't really go but I don't have any other pink.

So she just woke up =)

I need to fix it a little bit.  The straps are too short and kindda tight at the armpit.

Not sure what happened to all the pictures, they just show up as X
Click here to see the pictures

Friday, May 4, 2012

New project???

I'm sitting here thinking... so what's am I going to sew next?  Hmmm Maybe another dress for Kayly?  But she got too many already.  Oh, I have a pile of clothes that my mom gave me.  Maybe make a dress out of a skirt for her.  Let see what I can do with that old pile of clothes.  =)

Pink Green Dress

I just finished this.  This is the very first dress that I actually did buttons.  The other ones I did were snap on buttons and was easier.  I learned to do the buttonhole on my sewing machine and it works.  =)  Yay !!!

It's a little big on the bodice (don't know why)... I'll take it in when she takes off the dress =)

Check out the neckline.  You guys like it?  I thought it would come out nice... but my husband said it looks like her shirt is falling to one side. 

Go here to see pictures

1 month of blogging

So I've been blogging about sewing for 1 month.  I remember I open this blog on my husband's birthday.  That's going to be easy to remember.

Well, back in March I made some skirts for Kayly, I should have created my blog then so I can keep track of what and how many I sew this year.  What got me started was that my husband told me to make a Cinderella dress for her for her birthday.  He said I have 1 month to do it, I did it in 4 days.  It was very hard for me because it was my very first dress.  I've only sewn skirts for her before, easy... but a whole dress, with the bodice and the sleeves and the neck?  WOW !!!  But I did it.  It looks OK.

Since then, after 1 month of blogging about sewing, I've made uhmmm can't count how many, I'll count later.  But only 1 month and I've learned alot.  I think I learned alot by reading the tutorials from different websites.

When I get home tonight I'll post some pictures of the dress I made last night.  Well, I started it 2 weeks ago but just finished it last night.  We built a closet in the room where I have my sewing and serger machines, so it was messy and didn't want to sew in a dusty room.


OK, just counted

Refashion - 5 pieces for Kayly
Skirts for Kayly - 3
Dresses for Kayly - 8

That's total of 16.

And I made 1 muslin for my dress, made 2 practice shirts, made 2 practice dresses --- these are not wearable though.  My dad is teaching me so I'm still learning.

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's good!  I'm amazed!!!  Let see if I can name some.  Cinderella dress, lady bug dress, bumble bee dress, easter dress, black and white dress, red polka dot dress, uhmm that's only 6 hmmmm  how did I get 8???  Oh, I remember, 1 green dress, and 1 purple dress that I said I failed making it. 

I did good.  Haha I don't know who's going to read this blog, but this is going to be my diary.  I am so proud of myself.  Wow!!!  I am good.