Thursday, May 30, 2013

Me Made May ' 13 Last Day

I know yesterday I said I will wear made by me clothes 4 times this week but the shirt that I was going to wear didn't turn out right.  If I can fix it tonight, I will wear it tomorrow.  =)

Tomorrow will be the last day of May.  So it's been a whole monday already...  It was a challenge for me with the MMM'13, but it's fun at the same time.  I made it through May, found enough things made by me to wear 2 times a week without repeating.  So proud of myself.

"Me Made May ' 13 made me..."

This is the phrase that I'm suppose to fill in to post with  my last photo. 

So here goes...

Me Made May '13 made me feel so proud of myself.  When wearing clothes I made to work, people asking me "Did you make that?" --- I answer with PRIDE "YES!" 
I also want to THANK the person who started the MMM challenge.  It helps me wear my clothes without feeling afraid of people going to make fun of me, or find the mistakes I made.  Also, want to THANK the people who left the comments on my photos, plus all the ones who added my photos as favorite.  Those really really make me happy.  I feel like "Oh, someone actually thinks my dress/shirt is nice."  And those comments encourage and motivate me to keep on sewing.  Just a group of nice people.

I will join MMM again in the future and hopefully will be able to wear 3 things a week without repeating. 

So this is what I wear to work today.


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