Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Me Made May ' 13 Day 9 & 10

Since it's the last week of May and I realized that I have more made by me clothes that I haven't worn for this challenge.  So I decided to wear them to work 4 days this week (Monday was Memorial day).

Wore this on Tuesday to work

Wore this to work today.

No photographer, I have to take my  own pictures =(
Got lots of compliments today wearing my purple dress to work.  Every one was like "WOW".  Makes me happy haha.
Somehow I feel so proud of myself.  I have 10 decent things to wear without repeating that I made for this Me Made May ' 13 challenge.
Thanks to the person who started this MMM thing.  Now I can wear clothes I made with pride. 
Every one at work recently keep on asking  me "Did you make that?", and I respond "Yeah!!!" with excitement  , instead of "Yeah? Is it ugly?" --- like I'm afraid it's ugly and they are going to make fun of me.
It's a different "YEAH" tone of voice.  Get it?  =)
Now I can wear clothes I made with confident.

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