Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kayly's Easter Dress

I finished this dress in one day.  =)  Proud of myself.  Bought this fabric from Joann, it was 50% off (Easter fabric).  It turned out nice.  My husband said it's the best one I've made out of all of them.  Well, I guess I'm learning a little bit at a time and every time I sew something, I learn from my mistakes also.

Go here for pictures


  1. Hi,
    First, I want to tell you, YOu are doing and excellent job.. I learned to sew about 35 yrs
    ago, by sewing for my daughter.[You brought back memories of the sewing I did for nice]
    I sewed her a bunch of dresses, and as you said, each garment got better and I learned from doing.. so fun.
    I really like this dress.It is so cute, and so is Kayly. You did a good job..
    Happy sewing.