Saturday, April 21, 2012

Princess Skirt

My "sewing corner" is so messy and ewww looking.  I have fabrics in the bag, on the floor, every where.  We went to Walmart last night and I found a big tote.  Bought it.  This morning I put all my fabrics in there and uhmmm  looks like it's not going to be big enough because I have a few more bags of fabric.

Also found the Easter fabrics at Walmart on clearance.  Some was 90 cents a yard, some where 1.19 a yard.  WOW!!! I bought a bunch.  So what do I do with them?  Hehe I don't know yet.  Maybe make some dresses for Kayly for next Easter.

Like I said I plan to make one dress a week for Kayly.  Well, the dress is not done.  While going through my fabrics, I found this small piece of princess fabric I bought for Kayly at Joann.  So I made a skirt for her real quick.  She was busy watching Cinderella so she didn't want to pose for pictures.  =)

Since she was sick on her birthday (Monday), I am going to have another birthday for her today (no presents though, I forgot to rewrap them last night).

Happy weekend, every one !!!

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  1. So cute...Love the skirt .. so sorry she was sick on her birthday..but having a second birthday sounds really fun!!!

    Lily... I must tell you.. the sewing /fabric collection addiction is so habit forming..ha.Those boxes will get to be more and more..[We just can't help ourselves,ha] I love to get in on Walmart's after holiday fabric sells. I always buy it..I have 4 grandaughters, and each holiday, I make them holiday theme clothes.. And it is so much fun to look in my fabric stash at all the different holiday fabrics..
    Enjoy and Happy sewing.