Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Shirt I Made For Myself

I'm still looking for fabric to make the sailor dress for Kayly...  Got the navy one but still looking for a thick white fabric that I want at a reasonable price...

Anyway, I just finished making my shirt (from an old sheet).,  It isn't done done done but all I have left to do is to hem it and trip off the extra threads.  It actually didn't take me long to sew the shirt, but making the buttonholes was gosh took forever.  Can't figure out why the stupid button holes on my machine keep on skipping stitches and make straight lines rather than... I don't know how to explain it.  But I'll take a picture of it.  I counted.  I have 5 button holes to make, and I had to redo it more than 50 times.  A spot on my shirt almost got a hole from undo the threads and redo ...  =(

My dad gave me the instruction to make the pattern base on my size.  I got 4 books here with the same instructions to make clothes with your own measurements.  I know this shirt isn't pretty.  It's the basic shirt.  My dad said as long as I can make a basic shirt, then I can design whatever I want.

This is actually the 5th one I made.  Dad said if I make 100 of them for practice, then I can make one for myself.  I don't have patience to do 100.  But I did 4.  So the 5th one I made I can actually wear (if I finish the hem).  I'm proud of myself.  But I gotta show my dad first and see if he approves it or not.  =)  Everything has to be perfect for him. 

I gotta figure out why my machine is so crazy making button holes.  Maybe it will be faster if I make the button holes by hand.

I got no make up on so please don't look at my face.  Just look at the shirt haha

See something sticking out from the other sleeve?  It's the facing that I didn't tuck in... All I got to do is some blind stitch.

Look at the mess that I have to clean up.  =(

See the yellow thing on the sewing table?  That's a seam ripper and it's my best friend  =)

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