Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kayly's Green Nightgown

It is getting hot here and the dresses I made for her last year are really short on her now.  So I have to make some dresses for her to wear to sleep at night.  The weather here is in the 90's.  I bought this knit fabric from SAS for 1.99 a yard.  I can make 2 dresses with 1 yard.  I think I bought 7 different fabrics for her so it looks like I'm going to take a break sewing for myself, and sewing for Kayly instead.

This is a little too big on her, but oh well, it's for bed time, so it's loose and comfy.  Maybe it will fit her for the next 2 years haha!!!

She just had her 4th birthday so we still have the decorations up.

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