Sunday, July 8, 2012

4 months of sewing

I'm sitting here thinking...  So it took me 4 months of sewing to sew something decent for me to wear.  When I created this blog, I wrote that I hope one day I can make a dress or a shirt to wear--- and now I can.

4 months that is.  Lots of sewing for Kayly, use the seam ripper and billion times haha, but now finally can make a dress for myself.  I'm proud of myself.  I have 4 more fabrics waiting for me.  More dresses for this summer.  =)  Yay !!!!!!!!!!!!

But soon I gotta learn how to make sleeves.  Don't know how to sew sleeves yet.  But I guess sleeveless summer dresses are good enough.  =)


  1. I am so proud for you .. YOu have done a really great job.. And I enjoy seeing all the things you make.. Happy sewing..
    ps. Sleeves are simple.. No trouble at all..You will breeze through it, when you start making them.. I can tell,you are a fast learner..

    1. You are so nice! Always make me motivated and encouraged. =) Thank you.