Sunday, July 8, 2012

First Dress Finished !!!

I started this dress on Friday night --- end up finishing it today.  Well, most of it was done on Friday.  I started working on it around 8:30 pm, went to bed at 1:30 am ... Oh boy!  That was 5 hours.  I woke up the next day with black circles around my eyes.  =)  But it was worth it.  My dad came over yesterday and saw me try on the dress and approved it.  Yay!!! 

Finally, it is done now.  All I have to do is hem it and blind stitch a few spots.  Didn't have much trouble with the zipper this time.

No pattern for this.  I drafted my own --- but I copied the neckline from Simplicity 1803 

I'm so proud of myself.  I bought this fabric on clearance plus 50% off red tag fabric from Joann.  End up paying $2.50 for it.   I only got 1 yard (I'm short)  =)

No make up, so I cut my face off the pictures  =)

go here for pictures

The V looks crooked, doesn't it?  I'm going to fix it.

so so so crooked

Now I have make up on LOL


  1. Lily, this is so cute.. What a great job.. I like the fabric.. Great deal. Happy sewing.