Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Unzip My Dress" Dress

I have created a name for this dress.  It should have been done like 3 days ago, but I was lazy doing the hemming... Finally finished.

Anway, short story behind the name of the dress...
I brought my dress in to work with me, hoping I have some time to do the hemming and do some blind stitch at the back by the zipper.  I was wearing a green dress that day and wanted to show one of my co worker my new dress that I'm working on.  So I put on this dress with the green dress underneath.   "Looks pretty good!" he said.
The CFO then walked by and I asked him "Can you unzip my dress for me?"  Haha  he was like "What? No!!!"

That's where the name came from. 

Today I'm actually wearing my dress (without a dress underneath).  The CFO walked by again and I told him "No, you can't unzip my dress for me today..."


I made the neckline kindda too low for me, so I have to wear a black cami underneath to be able to wear to work.

Tell me what you think of it.  I like it with a betl, but I should have taken a picture of me without the belt.  =)
I'll do that later.

Go here for pictures


  1. SO pretty.. Love the fabric.. Great job.

  2. I love the fit of this dress. simple but really nice. fabric is nice too.