Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pillow Case to Kayly's Dress With Shirring

I was looking around on Burdastyle and found this dress .  I told my husband this is too cute and I can totally make this for Kayly.  So, here it is.  Not really cute like the dress I saw but... oh well.  Atleast I didn't use my pretty pillow case.  I learn to use the ugly fabric or the ones I don't care for to practice.  Kayly isn't too happy when I asked her to try this on and take some pictures.  She was busy watching her movie and didn't want to miss any part.  So, no smiles at all.

Go here for pictures

Cut up the pillow case

Use elastic thread

Draw the lines for shirring


Almost done

Added the straps and tada

She was upset

the back

I asked her to wear her Cinderella headband and she smiled for me haha =)


  1. Well.. I really like this pillowcase turn dress. Adorable as is Kayly..
    ps.. I saw where you ask to borrow my skirt pattern, I used for Emily's band skirt.I would be glad to trace it for you.. Just email me .

    1. =( How can I email you? I'm not sure how to do that? Or can you please email me?

      Thank you so much. I would love to make that pretty skirt for me.