Friday, May 4, 2012

1 month of blogging

So I've been blogging about sewing for 1 month.  I remember I open this blog on my husband's birthday.  That's going to be easy to remember.

Well, back in March I made some skirts for Kayly, I should have created my blog then so I can keep track of what and how many I sew this year.  What got me started was that my husband told me to make a Cinderella dress for her for her birthday.  He said I have 1 month to do it, I did it in 4 days.  It was very hard for me because it was my very first dress.  I've only sewn skirts for her before, easy... but a whole dress, with the bodice and the sleeves and the neck?  WOW !!!  But I did it.  It looks OK.

Since then, after 1 month of blogging about sewing, I've made uhmmm can't count how many, I'll count later.  But only 1 month and I've learned alot.  I think I learned alot by reading the tutorials from different websites.

When I get home tonight I'll post some pictures of the dress I made last night.  Well, I started it 2 weeks ago but just finished it last night.  We built a closet in the room where I have my sewing and serger machines, so it was messy and didn't want to sew in a dusty room.


OK, just counted

Refashion - 5 pieces for Kayly
Skirts for Kayly - 3
Dresses for Kayly - 8

That's total of 16.

And I made 1 muslin for my dress, made 2 practice shirts, made 2 practice dresses --- these are not wearable though.  My dad is teaching me so I'm still learning.

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's good!  I'm amazed!!!  Let see if I can name some.  Cinderella dress, lady bug dress, bumble bee dress, easter dress, black and white dress, red polka dot dress, uhmm that's only 6 hmmmm  how did I get 8???  Oh, I remember, 1 green dress, and 1 purple dress that I said I failed making it. 

I did good.  Haha I don't know who's going to read this blog, but this is going to be my diary.  I am so proud of myself.  Wow!!!  I am good.

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  1. I am reading your blog and really enjoying it. I am so proud of your accomplishments.. We all start with the "first garment".. and learn as we sew..
    You have out did yourself.. You have made 16 'wow'