Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another skirt to dress for Kayly

This was one of my skirts that I haven't worn in a longgggggggg time.  So, it's time to cut it up for Kayly. 

A coworker gave me the blue dress for my daughter I think 2 years ago.  It's a 5T and now my daughter can finally fit it.  So I decided to make one similar to that.  It was fun making it.  Took me total of 2 hours.

I need something for facing but couldn't find any knit at home, so I cut used Kayly's old pants, it was size 3T  LOL.  I'm not going to throw away another thing.  I might need it for facing some day.  =)

My friend gave me this one...

I have the other leg of the pants, maybe I can use that to make a bow so it shows on the dress. 

She's napping right now, when she gets up, I'll make her try it on and will post more pictures then. 

OK, just added the bow.  I used the fabric from the pants, it doesn't really go but I don't have any other pink.

So she just woke up =)

I need to fix it a little bit.  The straps are too short and kindda tight at the armpit.

Not sure what happened to all the pictures, they just show up as X
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  1. Came from burdastyle - the dresses look adorable! Great job! Upcycling is so fun!

  2. What a great job of using what you have.. and the dress is adorable. I love the pink bow on it.. Great job.. Happy sewing.