Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time to sew something for me

I've been sewing alot for my daughter... now it's time to sew for me.  =)
I need to make atleast 1 thing that I can wear.  I made a few things but they are practice stuff and not wearable.  So... I'm going to take some time to sew a dress for me.  Got lots of sheets at home with pretty colors  and prints.  hehe 

I started to make a sundress for my daughter from an told shirt, it came out sooooo big because it got scretched out (uuurrrggg knit).  After I fix that one, I'm going to sew for me.

I think my daughter got enough clothes for this summer. 

... I'm saying that so I don't feel bad.  hehe

I don't know how long it's going to take me until I get really good and can sew something decent hmm...

Maybe I just keep on sewing from now until Kayly is 16, that's going to be 13 years of sewing, then I can make a prom dress for her haha 

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